3. Positioning and Messaging

A well-packaged (positioned and messaged) business or brand can lead to better customer loyalty, enhanced business image, and a more relatable identity.
Positioning and Messaging to Capture Your Startup or Business with a clear focus on Brand Strategy

3. Positioning & Messaging - Inspimate Enterprises - Startup, Corporate, Business Branding, LogoWe comprehensively adopt branding strategies based on the action plans that business use to differentiate their products, services, and identities from their competitors.

We will work with you to create a business-brand strategy with a long-term plan, which helps to identify what kind of image you want to build for your customers/clients.

Widely involves thinking about what kind of feelings and expectations you want your audience to associate with your business.

 “If you didn’t get inside the mind of your prospect first, then you have a positioning problem.”
Jack Trout

Inspimate - Positioning and Messaging - Business Startup and Re-branding - Startup, Corporate, Branding, Web Design, E-commerce, Online, Digital Marketing by Inspimate
Core focus Areas
We work with the tenets below for a successful business/brand positioning and messaging:

  • Purpose. By defining why stakeholders get up and go to work on your business or brand each morning, then we can begin to establish brand strategies that resonate with the fundamental goals and “vision” of your business.
  • Consistency. Formulate processes to stick to those underlying ideas religiously and provide customers with a consistent, familiar identity. Businesses and Brands that present themselves consistently are up to 4x more likely to experience brand visibility.
  • Emotional Connections: Most customers relate well with business that appease consciously or otherwise to their emotions rather than logic. We strive to find a way to connect with your customers on a deeper level, enhance engagement and develop a more sustainable relationship for the long term.
  • Intrinsic Advocacy Identifying, appreciating and empowering internal advocacy of your brand or business by employees or stakeholders reinforces the company culture and values.

 “Brand Positioning and Messaging: More Than A Mission Statement”

Final Deliverable

Once the reviews are complete, every positioning and messaging process includes a positioning statement, corporate pitch, mantra, and final “About Us” content that’s ready for business profile or website. Additional deliverable include a tagline, pitches for specific audience, or industry segments, corporate slide decks, and specific product or service messaging.