Law Firm Website For Sale

Designed and developed Wakili v1.1 an interactive website for Corporate Commercial Law firm. Certified Company Secretaries Notaries Public, Commissioners for Oaths and Arbitration Chambers Firms.The Website is aesthetically and heuristically created to allow ease viewing of all services by visitors, specifically for a Law Firm.

The Website Wakili v1.0 is our Tuvuti’s Team creation at InspiMate Inc and has the many features just to highlight a few:

  1. Easy Navigation Menu,
  2. Responsive retina design i.e. viewable across all devices (Desktops, Tablets, PDA, Phones etc.)
  3. Listing of all services with concise information.
  4. Online Real-Time Consultancy
  5. Embedded Social media Updates from Twitter and Facebook appearing real-time on the website.
  • Category : On Sale / Web Design
  • Date : November 21, 2016
  • Our Work: Developed and designed an informative online audit and accounting firm, Interactive and Responsive Website, Search Engine Optimization as well Social Media Integration, E-mails Setup and Configuration.
  • Team: Inspimate's Tuvuti Team
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