At, helps you get noticed. For a long time, we have personally struggled to find reliable and trustworthy service providers to get our jobs done.That is why we believe its time for honest and hardworking Kenyan businesses to get noticed! We are assembling a team of fun and dynamic Marketers, IT Professionals, and Sales people, so that we can help you build your brand, your online presence, and in the end, help you generate more business.

Our Vision is to grow the formal Service sector in Kenya by creating a strong community of dedicated professionals that are able to assist fellow Kenyan on anything they need done. is not only a marketplace for services, it is a movement to transform the Industry and to build Kenya for Kenyans.

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  • Category : Branding / Digital Graphics
  • Date : November 8, 2016
  • Our Work: We design Logos that are Versatile, Iconic, Appealing, Recognizable, Successful presenting your Brand and its core values to your clientele.
  • Concept & Design: Inspimate's Nembo Team
  • Client:
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