Malindi Botanicals
Malindi Botanicals

Malindi Botanicals

Developed eCommerce website for Malindi Natural Botanical Established in 2012, a subsidiary of French Tisane Herbal has since offered services and products to the regional and East African Market and has achieved overwhelming Results. It was founded by plant pharmacologist Daudi Kinywa who has been engaged in herbal practice for more than 20 years

  • Category : E-commerce / Web Design
  • Date : July 25, 2016
  • Our Work: Developed and designed a eCommerce website for Malindi Natural Botanical with concise information of products and services, Search Engine Optimization as well Social Media Integration, E-mails Setup and Configuration.
  • Team: Daudi Kinywa (Malindi Natural Botanical) Inspimate's Tuvuti Team
  • Client: Malindi Natural Botanical
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