Brochures - Various Clients
Bespoke designed brochures offers a tangible link that your customers can keep and use as a point of reference for your . The overall Design and Printing cost depends on the number of pages, final printing spec, if printing is required. Brochures have proven to be one of the most cost-effective marketing methods for product and service companies worldwide. They introduce businesses, market their products and services, and increase sales.

Brochures Based On Content

  • ¬ Company Profile: used to feature the company’s background, Mission, Vison, products and services
  • ¬ Sales Brochure: designed with the goal of enhancing business sales. Display products, services, and the latest offers
  • ¬ Product Catalogue: an artful display of a business’s products and services, designed in a manner to attract clients and customers.
  • ¬ Datasheet: data-oriented, designed specifically to share information
  • ¬ e-Brochure: electronic brochure used to establish a business identity, shared online to a larger customer base.
  • ¬ Menu: for displaying a restaurant’s, cafe’s, or a cake shop’s dishes. Tailored to the organization’s theme.
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