You can Ship beyond the Berth

Import and export of goods seems impossible without the help of a customs clearing agent. With this hindsight you have setup, and gone through rigorous process of registering a Shipping, Clearing and Forwarding company. However most business goes to unscrupulous freight forwarding companies that parade as clearing and forwarding agent but only have permits to execute duties as freight forwarders.

Well, chances are that they have a vibrant marketing strategy, most likely a professional designed logistics online presence supplemented by broad online or social media marketing campaigns. We have developed a customizable website that will definitely give your business an Online Niche, 24/7 accessible to your clients and potential business stakeholders.

Logistics - Best Shipping, Clearing & Forwarding Website

Logistics is professional designed website for sale that is  purely responsive i.e. view-able across all devices . Appropriate for a Shipping, Clearing and Forwarding Firm. Clearly outline your services and interactive communication with both clients and stakeholders seamlessly 24/7. Integrated with online cargo tracking capabilities as well feedback platform, Real time linking to relevant Social Media platforms.

The Website Logistics is our Tuvuti’s Team creation at InspiMate Inc and has the many features just to highlight a few:

  1. Easy Navigation Menu,
  2. Responsive retina design i.e. viewable across all devices (Desktops, Tablets, PDA, Phones etc.)
  3. Listing of all Services with concise information.
  4. Online and Instant Messaging with website visitors
  5. Embedded Social media Updates from Twitter and Facebook appearing real-time on the website.
  6. Easy to update, addition or editing of properties on the go.
  7. Fast and light on all browsers

Get this website and establish an Online Niche for your business.